Classes by donation

Classes by donation

In order to offer classes that are payable 'by donation' you need to first enable payments on Ubindi. It's easy! Once that's done, whenever you create a class (or edit an existing class) you'll have the option set the pricing to 'by donation'. 

When you create a class — after you've added the preliminary class details (class name, date, time, spots) — you can choose whether the class is 'fixed price' or 'by donation'.

For a donation class, you'll need to enter a suggested price. Payment will be required upon registration.   

When your students register for a class that is by donation this is what they will see: 

Your suggested is price is the default option. Ubindi adds 2 other options (half and double of your suggested price) and the option for your students to select the amount they wish to pay (it can even be 0).

Here's what your students experience when registering and paying for a donation class:

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