Editing and deleting class locations (venues)

Editing and deleting class locations (venues)

A location is anywhere you teach a class, online, or in 'real life'. A list of all the locations (venues) you've added when creating your classes is visible on your public profile. 

To edit your class locations, go to your public profile, and scroll down to find 'Class locations'. 

Each of your locations has a pencil and trash icon. These icons are visible only to you — and that's where you can edit and delete each location. (You can't change the icon though.)

Deleting a location is straightforward, simply click the trash icon and then confirm.

When editing a location you can change the name and address or link, but not the city and country (because it messes up time zones). If you need to change the city and country of a location, you'll need to make a new location instead (when you create or edit a class).

If you change the link for an online class after the class is already created (and had some bookings), don't worry, your students will get your new link, and get into class smoothly. 

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