Making sure you get Ubindi emails

Making sure you get Ubindi emails

Occasionally, we will send emails to teachers using Ubindi about new features, updates, big fixes... we might also email you if something happens with your account or the system indicates something may be wrong. Don't worry, we really are careful not to overload you with incessant emails (and you can always unsubscribe, of course). But it may be important to you that you do receive emails coming from Ubindi!

The best way to ensure safe delivery of our emails is to add Ubindi to your "contacts" in your email program. Here's how:

How to add Ubindi to your address book

Adding an email sender address to your email address book or safe senders' list helps your mailbox provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc) understand that the sender can be trusted. This small step ensures the delivery of emails from Ubindi to your inbox.

The process that works for most mailbox providers is:
  1. Open an email from Ubindi.
  2. Click the from/sender address in the top of the email.
  3. Click Add to contacts or Add to safe senders' list.
This process may vary slightly for every email client... so below you'll find more detailed steps for a few major mailbox providers: AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail,, and

Steps for specific mailbox providers


  1. Log in to your  AOL  account.
  2. Open an email from Ubindi.
  3. Click the sender name and a drop down will pop up.
  4. Click  Add Contact .

       5. Fill the sender details in Add contact pop up and click Add Contact.


  1. Log in to your  Gmail  account.
  2. Open an email from Ubindi.
  3. Hover over the sender's name and a window will pop up.
  4. Click  Add to contacts  to save the sender in your contact list. Alternatively, you can add click the More button on the right side of the email and click Add to contacts.
Gmail address book


  1. Log in to your  Outlook  account.
  2. Open an email from Ubindi.
  3. Click  More actions  in the top right.
  4. Click  Add to safe senders .
outlook whitelist
      5. Click  OK .

Yahoo! Mail

  1. Log in to your  Yahoo! Mail  account.
  2. Click on  Settings  on the right end of top menu.
  3. Click  More Settings .
  4. Click  Filters .
  5. Click  Add new filters .
  6. Add sender details with email address "" and choose Inbox as the folder to deliver the email in.
  7. Click  Save .
whitelist sender

iCloud Mail

  1. Log in to your  iCloud  account.
  2. Click  Mail  in the top menu and choose  Preferences .
  3. Click  Rules  from the dialog box that opens.
  4. Click  Add Rule  button on the right side of the dialog box.

      5. Enter the sender domain "" and set the action as  Move message to Inbox .
      6. Click  OK .

  1. Log in to your  XFINITY (  account.
  2. Open an email from Ubindi.
  3. Click on the sender email address from the email.
  4. Click  Add to address book .

      5. Enter sender details.
      6. Click  save .
      7.  Click Address Book on the top menu.
      8. Select Create contact icon.

      9. Enter the sender details (emails coming from
      10. Click  Save .

  1. Log in to your  account.
  2. Open an email from Ubindi.
  3. Click the  plus  symbol beside the  From : in the email.
  4. Fill  details  like first name and last name (could be "Alex" and "Ubindi")
  5. Click  OK  button.

Anti-spam services

If you are using any special anti-spam filtering service, please add Ubindi on that service's 'allow list'. Basically in your settings, you'll have some place to set a "allow list" or "whitelist " policy. Please make sure emails coming from "" are allowed!

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