Getting your students onto Ubindi

Getting your students onto Ubindi

Ubindi offers simple admin tools for teachers: class registrations, tracking attendance, managing passes and credits, and emailing... all a breeze with all your students neatly organized on your dashboard... but how to get students into Ubindi in the first place? 

Your public schedule is the landing page for all existing & potential clients. Success is just a matter of getting people to go there!

There are many ways to bring in students, limited only by your own imagination. But you might think in terms of two basic terms: 1) inviting folks to "self register" with yo or 2) adding people yourself and then emailing them. The topic of how to get new students to sign up with you and how to grow your business is a different topic entirely ( see growing your student base).

Generally, it's all about sending people to your public schedule with the link. To get the link to your public schedule, you can just copy the url for it from the top of your browser. You'll also find buttons to "share schedule" or "Invite students" in various places on Ubindi. Click them to copy your public link:

1) Letting people self-register

The easiest way to bring people into your Ubindi is probably to simply email your existing client list, telling folks that they can register for your classes on your public schedule. Any person who signs up for one of your classes is automatically added to your student list (if they're not there already).

The nice thing about this approach is that students will enter their complete name and most up-to-date email address. It's also likely that they'll add their picture so you can recognize them more easily. And, since only "active" students will be responding to your invite, this approach also means you can start with a really fresh list of truly active students on Ubindi.

Need inspiration? We recommend "short and simple", maybe just send out something like:
Hi everyone, I've just set up my class schedule on a platform called Ubindi. Please have a look at my schedule and signup for classes here: {Your Public Link}

2) Adding students yourself

You can also add students to your dashboard yourself. You can do this one student at a time, or by simply importing a list.

The minimum information required for you to add a new student is a first name. Obviously, if you don't provide an email for a student, you won't be able to email them. But you can add additional information about students at any time.

If you go this route, please know that students you add yourself will not get any automatic email or invite from Ubindi (see our privacy & data policy for students). Asides from some confirmations for students who buy something from you, Ubindi never sends emails to students. That's your job!

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