Students can register for your classes in advance (on your public profile, when they look at your schedule, they see a 'register' button on each class).

Before class starts, students have an option to 'join the class' (if it's an online class), or to 'check in' (if it's a class in a physical venue). If the students uses either of these options they're marked as present in your class attendance list. You can always edit this as the teachers.

When a student registers for class, but doesn't end up being marked as present either by themselves or by the teacher when taking attendance, Ubindi counts this as a 'no-show'. 

Don’t send out your Zoom links in separate emails to students!
Here’s why: 
1) Security: Ubindi never exposes your actual zoom link when students register. Instead, they get an email with a “magic button” that checks a few things before taking them straight into class.
2) Attendance tracking: when students click the “magic button” to join class, Ubindi takes attendance automatically. But if they come in using a link you shared yourself, they’ll be recorded as ‘no-shows’.
3) Avoid confusion: if you mistakenly send a different link than the one you’ve set on Ubindi, your students won’t be able to get into class!
4) Keep it simple: when your clients sign up for class on Ubindi, they get a confirmation email, and a reminder 15 minutes before class. Why send them an extra email, and make more work for yourself?

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