Student data protection & privacy

Student data protection & privacy

Your student information belongs to you

You always have complete control over all of your student data, as they are considered your "property". When you add a student, their information is never shared with any other party.

While your student may signup to create an account on Ubindi (for example when they book a class with you, or send you a message, etc)., this is only to facilitate necessary functions on the platform, which enable communication and which give some amount of control to your students (so they can change their email address, add a picture to their profile, unsubscribe from your communications or remove themselves from your student list).

Please rest assured that your students will not receive any marketing or other "spammy" emails from Ubindi. Only you can send emails to your students.

Your responsibility

While Ubindi does all it can to protect your students and their information, your contacts are also your responsibility.  Make sure that you have implicit permission to send someone emails before adding them as student to your profile!

Complaints from students who receive spam from teachers are taken very seriously and may lead to the closure of your account.

Data protection & GDPR

Ubindi is fully GDPR compliant and does not share any student information with any other party. This also applies to your own personal information, of course. If you have questions about specifics or would like to know more details, please have a look at our privacy policy or feel free to reach out to us at

Downloading your student data

If you're on the Essential or Pro plan, you can export all your students' transactions, history and data. Go to your settings page (from the drop-down menu at the top right) and click this button:

This includes several spreadsheets pertaining to subscriptions, passes, videos, classes, and of course your full student list. 

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