Student limit on the free plan

Student limit on the free plan

With the free, basic version of Ubindi, you can manage a limited number of students (50).

For more than that, you'll need to upgrade to the "Esssential" plan. Ubindi Essential let you manage unlimited students, and lowers platform fees to 2% instead of 5%.

What happens if I go over the free student limit?

If you add more students than what the free plan provides for, they are still added to your account. But you won't be able to interact with these additional students.

For example, with your free student limit of 50, you simply have access to the first 50 students which were added to your account. Any additional students will not be available for emailing, taking attendance, tagging, etc.

On your "Students" view, you can see the number of "hidden" students like so:

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