Student experience when booking online

Testing Ubindi as a student

Before adding all your classes to your Ubindi page, and inviting your students to register you'll probably want to give it a 'test drive' as a student. 

That's easy! You don't need to create a separate account to test Ubindi as a student, you can do everything from your teacher profile. 

So as a teacher, when you go to your public page, you can follow yourself (this adds yourself to your student list). After that, as your own student you can register for one of your classes (with or without payment, or by donation). You can buy one of your class passes, or subscriptions. You can see your own student detail page and assign yourself a pass, which you can then use to register for class. 

You can also tag yourself, send yourself an email, unregister from class, and even click 'join class now' when class starts (although that last part will open your own zoom (or whatever else you use for your online classes) so it won't be fully successful unless you have 2 different zoom accounts). 

So basically, you can test everything, and see first hand what your students see!

Just be aware that, as you test things, you'll be getting the emails you would receive both as teacher and as students to the same email address.

So for example when you test registering for a class you'll receive an email for teachers that tells you that you have a new class registration + another email for the student confirming that you've registered for class.

Obviously, your students only get the emails meant for students, and you only get the ones meant for teachers. 

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