Ubindi in other languages

Ubindi in other languages

Since we're a small team we're not currently able to offer Ubindi in other languages (it's in the cards for the future though!)

However, you can use the Safari browser to automatically translate Ubindi (and any other website) to the language of your choice. The translations are not 100% perfect, but they're really not bad at all! 

Here's how to get Safari to translate websites for you: 

1. Open Safari on your Mac, and go to https://www.ubindi.com/

2. In the address bar, at the top of your browser, click the Translate button.

3. The address bar will say 'Translation Available' and the translate button will show you some language options

4. Choose a language from the menu, and you'll see all the pages on Ubindi in your language.

If you don't see your preferred language in the menu, you can add a language, by going to Change Language & Region General preferences on your Mac.

Note: The availability of translations and the number of languages that can be translated may vary by country or region.

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