Waiver form for instructors and teachers

Waiver and policy

You can create a Policy or Waiver that you students have to accept before they can register for a class with you, or buy one of your video. It's optional, of course, and if you leave it empty, your students will not have to accept anything before registering for class or buying a video.  

Create your policy 

On your settings page (accessible from the drop menu at the top right), you'll find an element called 'Policy/Waiver'.

This is where you can create a waiver for students. Click 'create' and you'll be able to type in your policy:

Activate your policy

Once you've created your policy and clicked 'save', you'll need to 'activate' your policy like so: 

On your policy is active, any student who has not yet agreed to it will see it and be asked to accept it before they register for a class with you. Ubindi will remember who has accepted your policy and who hasn't.

Here's what accepting your policy looks like for a student:

Edit your policy

To make any changes to your policy simply click the blue pencil at the top right of the Policy box, and when you're done click 'save': 

Whenever you modify and re-save your policy, all students will be asked to accept it again before they can book their next class. 

Turn off your policy

If you have a policy active and for some reason, you don't want to present any such thing to your students anymore, simply toggle off the Activate switch. This is will disable it!

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