Attracting new students with social media

Attracting new students with social media

Having a large client base is ultimately the key to a successful teaching business. Especially since the work involved in teaching a class of 5 people is virtually the same as teaching to a full room (or virtual room) with 30 people attending.


The easiest and probably most effective way to grow your base of clients is to get your existing students to spread the word and bring you new students. Ubindi has a very simple Student Referral Program that you can simply switch on.

Social Media

Many teachers also use social media to attract new students... but often, these efforts only result in more popularity on social media. All those "likes", "followers" and "fans" don't actually mean anything unless you can convert these into solid leads and contacts!

But it is possible to use Ubindi very effectively to convert social media traffic into actual clients — because when someone signs up with you on Ubindi, you get their name, email address, and usually even a picture. You can then email them directly, and work on getting them to register for classes with you. Below are some tips for how to do this on different channels.


Youtube is actually more popular than any other social media network. There are literally billions of people browsing for videos on topics that interest them every month, so it's the ideal place for an instructor to attract "newbies". Whether you're teaching yoga, fitness, cooking, music, arts & crafts, languages... whatever your topic, you might consider recording some nice videos of yourself teaching a class and then uploading these to YouTube. Make your videos freely available to the public, and use the "description" field to invite viewers to then try a live class with you or to "follow" you on Ubindi. 

If you already have some videos up on YouTube, you can always edit the description text for these to add your Ubindi public page (instructions here). 

For the best results, take a moment in your video to tell people about your "link below" where they can signup with you!


Hugely popular with a younger crowd, it's relatively easy to collect "followers" there. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't let you add links to your posts (unless you pay for advertising). However, you can include a link in your bio. It tends to get a lot of visits, and an easy way to collect new potential students is to simply link to your Ubindi public page:


This is where the older crowd hangs out. If you manage a page (for business) on Facebook, keep in mind that very few people will see your posts unless you pay Facebook for advertising. But posting in some relevant Facebook groups does work to generate interest and can bring in new clients:


If your potential students tend to be male millennials, who are perhaps more "tech minded", then Twitter could be a social media channel that works for you:


This one is easy to set up once and then you can let time do it's thing... the gift that keeps on giving, so to speak. Rather than posting frequently in different platforms, you might simply add your public schedule link to your email signature. This will let anyone you communicate with know where they can signup for your classes:

SnapToks and TikChats

There's probably a way to do marketing on TikTok and SnapChat as well, and if you're on there and successfully sending folks to your Ubindi page, great! We don't know anything about these platforms... but if you have advice to share with other teachers, do get in touch.

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