Student referral program

Student referral program

Grow your student list with referrals

You can activate a student referral program on Ubindi to help grow your business, by leveraging word-of-mouth from the people who know and love what you do. Essentially, you can reward existing students with a free class credit when they bring you a new student (who also gets a free class credit). 

In short

  1. Activate your referral program and choose which classes apply as as a reward
  2. Your student each get a unique link on your public profile that they can share with friends and family
  3. Let your students know that they can earn free classes every time someone uses their unique link
  4. When their friends use that unique link, both your students and the friend they invited get a free class with you. 
  5. You teach a great class and get your new student hooked!  
  6. Since your existing students get rewarded for each friend they bring, they're motivated to keep sharing the love...

Here's how it all works:

Activating your referral program

Go to your Settings page, from the drop down menu at the top right (near your picture)

Once there, you'll find an element with a switch to activate your referral program. Toggle the little slider to turn it on (it'll turn green when it's on):

You'll then see a prompt that asks you if you want to apply the referral program credits to all of your classes, or only to some. If you choose "yes please", all of your classes will be eligible for the free class credit(s). However, if you have some classes (for example, private 1:1 sessions) that you don't want to offer for free in exchange for a referral, you should choose "no thanks".

If you choose 'no thanks', you'll need to edit your classes individually to connect your referral pass to them (explained below).

The referral pass

When you activate your referral program, you activate a "referral pass", which is how students will get rewarded. You can see this pass amongst the packages on your Schedule dashboard. It's a special pass that is never visible on your public page, and you can't edit it. 

You can connect this Referral Pass to all or just some of your classes, just like any normal package. You'll see the Referral Pass when you edit any class: 

Manually selecting classes for your referral program

If you prefer to manually select a few classes to be eligible for your referral program, it's easy. Simply edit the class by clicking the 3 dots at top right of the class element, and then choose 'Set up'. On the set up panel for the class, check the "Referral pass" and click save. The class is now connected to your referral program.

Get new students with referrals

Once your referral program is active and set up, your Public Page will show a little prompt for all students that visit your page. But you should also let your students know about your program to get the ball rolling.

Each student can get their own unique link to share any- and everywhere with their friends. 

You can instruct students to simply go to your Public Page and grab (copy) their link. When one of their friends uses their link to register as a student with you, both students (the one who did the inviting as well as the new student) get one credit one their Referral Pass. They can then use it to book any of your classes to which you've connected the Referral Pass. Basically it works just like any regular pass when registering for class. 

Students can share their personal link as often as they wish. For each new student they bring they get another credit on their Referral Pass. 

Your students may not discover your referral program on their own, so you might let them know about it and encourage them to bring a friend. You can also share this "how it works" — help article for students that explains how it works for them: 

When a new student signs up with you as part of your referral program, you'll get an email notification, so then you can reach out and welcome your newcomer 😀 

You can turn off your student referral program anytime, of course. Please note however that people who have earned credits will still be able to use these to register for class, even after you turn off the program. If you don't want people to be able to use these credits, you can disconnect your Referral Pass from your class(es).

Lastly: the Student Referral Program described in this article is completely different from the Ubindi Teacher Referral program (where you can earn credit towards an upgraded plan).

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