Passes and credits

Passes and credits

A pass (often called "punch card") is a bundle of credits that students can buy to access your classes or videos. On Ubindi 1 credit = 1 class or 1 video. Passes don't auto-renew, so when the credits have been used up (or have expired), students need to purchase a new one. 

A subscription or membership gives your students access to certain classes. Subscriptions are renewed and billed automatically (weekly, monthly or yearly). For subscriptions please see here.

How to create a pass

To create a pass, go to your schedule dashboard, then click 'packs'. To create a pass, click or tap the big blue "+" icon:

If you've connected to Stripe, the next screen will ask you if you want to create a pass or a subscription. If you've not yet connected to Stripe (enabled payments), you won't see this option. So, go ahead and select ''pass":

Add a pass title, decide how many credits it's valid for (remember one class/video = 1 credit), set the price, and set how long the pass is valid for (put 9999 days, for 'forever').

You can also write a short description (also optional). Click 'save' and the pass will be created.

You'll see your pass on your dashboard under 'Packs'. If you've enabled payments, your pass will also appear on your list of packs on your public page, where your students can buy it. You can create as many passes as you wish, but we recommend keeping it simple and not adding too many. 

About pass credits: on Ubindi it's simple: 1 credit = 1 class/1 video. When your students buy and start using a pass, their credits get deducted automatically when they register for a class that honors their pass.

You'll also see a referral pass on your list of pack. That's part of the referral program you can turn on to encourage and reward your existing students for bringing you new clients. Here's how the student referral program works.

Editing or deactivating a pass

You can easily edit any of your passes by clicking the blue pencil at the bottom right of the pass.

If you need to deactivate the pass you can do so by editing the pass and clicking 'deactivate' instead of 'save'. 

Deactivating a pass means that it will no longer be available for purchase, and people won't see it on the list of passes on your public page. However, students who previously bought your pass and who still have credits on it will still be able to use it until they run out of credits.

You can also reactivate a pass at any time. Click the blue pencil icon to edit the pass again, and then instead of 'save' click 'activate'. 

How people can buy your passes

If you've enabled payments on Ubindi, your passes will be shown on your public profile and your students can buy any of your active passes.
If you don't have payments enabled (you're not connected to Stripe), your passes don't appear on your public profile, since students can't buy them... but you can still assign passes to individual students.

For classes or videos that honor one of your passes, the registration popup shown to students will also alert them that there is a pass available. They will see something like this when they sign up for a class:

Students who have a pass will automatically be shown that they have a pass, and simply need to confirm that they want to register for the class:

How to make passes apply to a class or video

Creating a pass does not automatically mean all your classes or videos can be booked by people with a pass. After you create a new pass, you'll see a dialogue asking you if you want to connect the new pass to all your classes and/or videos automatically. 

If you don't choose any of these options, you'll need to manually configure your classes/videos to "honor" a particular pass. You'll see the option to connect your passes to class on the last step when you're creating a new class.

For existing classes or videos, simply click the 3 little dots at the top right to go straight to the screen where you set up packages and payments. You'll then be given the choice to make this apply for one specific class/video, or for the whole class series. 

You'll then see a list of your active packages. Select the one(s) that should apply to that class/video, and then also choose whether having the pass is optional or required (required means that only people with that pass can register for that specific class). 

For example, it could look like this: 

Ubindi is very flexible when it comes to setting up classes and payments. Please read here for a run-through of all the possibilities. 

Assigning a pass to individual students

What if a student pays for a pass by cash or cheque? No problem. You can simply assign a pass to a student on their "Student detail" page manually. 
  1. Go to your student list, and click on the name of the student you want to give a pass to.
  2. On their "Student detail" page, find the "Passes & credits" section (towards the bottom): 

  3. Click on 'assign pass' and you'll be able to select which pass to assign, how many credits it should have, and when it expires. 

Credits get automatically deducted from your students pass every time they register for a class that honors that pass. If they cancel their registration (or if you unregister them), the student will automatically get a credit back. So you don't have to worry about things, Ubindi will track everyone's credits for you!

On their own Ubindi page, your students can see which passes they have with you, and how many credits are left. So you also don't have to worry about keeping them in the loop either. 

Pass expiry date

A student with a pass can book any class that happens before the pass expires.
So for example if I have a pass that expires on March 31, I can book any class until March 31, but not after that date. 

If you want to let students book any future class, you can set the pass expiry date to 'never' (or extend the pass expiry date for a specific student, as shown above). 


What's this referral pass that I see on my list of passes? 
That's the pass that is used for your student referral program

Can I create a pass for a class series?
Yes. If you're running a class series for which you'd like students to pay in advance, you can use a pass to set this up. When you create the classes in the series, you simply assign this special pass to those classes, and make having this pass be required. This way, only people who've purchased the pass for that series can register for these classes. 

How to decide how much to charge for my passes?
Here are some tips to help you decide how to price your passes (and your other services)

Boosting your revenue with passes

In general, passes are great for your bottom line:
  1. You build "loyalty" with students (similar to loyalty cards at Starbucks). You can make the price for your passes be such that student save money ("buy 10 classes for the price of 9"), and when a student has a pass it makes it very likely that they will use it and stick with you, rather than not come to class or go elsewhere.
  2. Passes save you money with credit card processing fees (see here).
  3. You get revenue 'in advance', which for any business is always good. 

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