Setting up payments for classes and videos

Setting up payments for classes and videos

Once you've connected to Stripe you'll be able to set up how you want to get paid for your classes and videos. 
To give you the most flexibility, for every class you create (or edit), you can choose different options.

Enabling single payment ('drop-ins')

When you 'enable single payments' (drop-ins), you have a choice:

"Allow reservation without payment" means you can allow students to register for class/access a video without paying (and pay you later or offline). "Require payment upfront" means that people can only register for class/access a video if they pay beforehand (on Ubindi).  

If you choose the first option ("allow reservation without payment"), after a student clicks register on your class, it will looks like this (they can confirm, or confirm & pay):

Connecting a class/video to a pass or membership

If you've created a pass or a membership, you can also connect these to a new class/video (or to an existing class or an existing video). A list of the passes and subscriptions you've created will show, and you simply tick the ones that are valid for the class. 

Ticking 'Package required' means that only students with a valid pass and/or active subscription can register for class or access the video (so no drop-ins are allowed). Selecting 'Package required' will disable the 'enable single payment' option. 

If you connect your class/video to a pass or subscription, when your students try to register for class without having purchased your package yet, this is what they'll see. They'll get the options to buy a pass or subscription right then and there:

Allowing drop-ins + passes and/or subscriptions

Both options, single payment & passes/subscription, can be used in conjunction for any class/video. If that's your preferred option, simply select the package(s) applicable to the class, but make sure not to make the package required. Then tick 'enable single payment', and choose whether you require payment upfront or not. 

This is what your students will see if, for example, you allow drop-ins but require upfront payment, or also accept credits from a pass for your class: 

Editing payments option on existing classes/video

On any of your existing classes/videos, click the 3 little dots to go directly to the payment settings.
In the case of classes, you'll have the option to edit payment settings for the one class, or for the whole class series.

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