Subscriptions and memberships

Subscriptions and memberships

You can let your students buy a weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions (i.e. "memberships") for your classes/videos. You can connect a subscription to any or all of your classes, similar to passes. But subscriptions are a little different: while passes are a pack of a pre-defined number of class credits, subscriptions generate recurring revenue for you — the student gets billed automatically every month (or week or year, depending on the subscription type). 

In order to offer subscriptions on Ubindi you need to have enabled payments through Stripe. Without that, you won't see the option to offer subscriptions.

How to create a subscription or membership

To create a subscription, go to your schedule dashboard, then click 'packs'. Click or tap the big blue "+" icon to get started:

If you've connected to Stripe, the next screen will ask you if you want to create a pass or a subscription. If you've not yet connected to Stripe (enabled payments), you won't see this option. So, go ahead and select ''subscription":

Next up, you'll create your subscription. Give it a descriptive title, choose the billing period (weekly, monthly or yearly), set your price, and write a brief description for the subscription (like what classes it applies for, or if there are any restrictions, for example). Click 'save' and your subscription will be created!

Your subscription will appear on your schedule dashboard under "packs" (together with any passes you've set up). It will also appear on your public page (also under "Packs"), where your students can purchase it. You can create as many different subscriptions as you wish. 

When you look at your list of packages, to see which one is a pass and which one is a subscription, you'll see that subscriptions show whether it's a weekly, monthly or yearly cycle, and the price also shows '/week', '/month' or '/year'. 

Editing or deactivating a subscription or membership

You can easily edit any of your subscriptions by clicking the blue pencil at the bottom right of the card.

If you need to deactivate the subscription, simply edit it and click 'deactivate' instead of 'save'. 

Deactivating a subscription means that it will no longer be available for purchase, and people won't see it on the list of packs on your public page. However, students who have this subscription will still be able to use it until they cancel it (or you cancel it for them).

You can also reactivate a subscription at any time. Click the blue pencil icon to edit again, and then instead of 'save' click 'activate'. 

How and where students can buy your subscriptions / memberships

Your subscriptions will be shown on your public profile and your students can buy any of your active packs.

For classes/videos that honor one of your subscriptions, the registration popup shown to students will also alert them that there is a subscription available. They will see something like this when they sign up for a class:

When registering for class where a subscription applies, students who have said subscription will simply need to confirm that they want to register for the class:

How to make subscription / membership apply to a class or video

After creating a new subscription / membership you'll see the option to automatically connect it to all your classes and/or videos.

If don't select any of these options, you'll need to manually configure your classes/videos to "honor" a particular subscription (just like with passes).

On any of your existing classes or videos, click the 3 little dots at the top right to go straight to the screen where you set up packages and payments. You'll then be given the choice to make this apply for one specific class/video, or for the whole class series. 

You'll then see a list of your active packages. Select the one(s) that should apply to that class/video, and then also choose whether having the subscription is optional or required (required means that only people with that subscription can register for that specific class or access the video). 

For example, it could look like this: 

Ubindi is very flexible when it comes to setting up classes and payments. Please read here for a run-through of all the possibilities. 

How to cancel a subscription for a student

On their account page your students can see all the packages they have. From there they can cancel their subscription directly, or you as the teacher can cancel it for them from your dashboard on Stripe. 

Tips & FAQs

Can I assign a subscription or membership to a student? 
Sorry, no. Unlike for passes where you can take payment outside of Ubindi and then assign the student a pass, this doesn't work with subscription (because subscriptions are billed to a credit card every week, month or every year, depending on the billing cycle). 

What are the platform fees for subscriptions? 
Same as for anything else... see Ubindi pricing.

Why should I sell subscriptions? 
Subscriptions (memberships) are generally great for your business and revenue. When your students have a subscription with you, they're not only more likely to show up for class, but they're much less likely to go elsewhere, and you are paid even when students don't come to class for a while.

Can a subscription apply to classes AND videos, or does it have to be separate?
Your subscriptions can apply to classes and/or videos. So yes, it can! 

How can I raise the price on a subscription?
You can't raise the price on people who already have an active subscription. If you want to raise the price on active subscribers, it requires cancelling everyone and getting them to take out the new subscription. We can help you do that (let us know!), as it's fiddly and time-consuming (with prorated refunds, etc)

You don't have be a school, gym or big studio to offer subscriptions to your students and enjoy the benefits normally available only to larger businesses. Yay!

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