Ubindi Pricing

Ubindi Pricing

Is Ubindi really free? 

Yep! If you have a small teaching business, you can manage up to 50 students for free, forever. If you don't use the Ubindi payments platform, you never pay anything for Ubindi.

If you do enable payments to let your students pay you with credit cards, on the free plan Ubindi will collect a 5% platform fee whenever you get paid. For a $10 class registration, this comes to 50 cents. Ubindi only earns money when you do

Again, the free plan is free forever, it's not a "trial", and you don't need to enter a credit card anywhere to use Ubindi.

What you can do on the free plan 

(spoiler: everything!)
  1. Manage up to 50 students
  2. Take class registrations & attendance
  3. Take online payments (5% platform fees)
  4. Offer passes & memberships
  5. Use group emailing & student tagging

Ubindi Essential

If you have more than 50 students, and/or you want lower platform fees, you can subscribe to the Essential plan. That unlocks your student limit, (you can manage unlimited students), and lowers the Ubindi platform fee to 2% (so 20 cents for a $10 class, for example).

Ubindi Essential costs $10/month, or $96 for a year (which amounts to $8/month).

You'll save money with the Essential Plan if you collect more than $320 dollars in monthly transactions, since that's the threshold at which the cost of $10+ 2% fees is the same as 5% fees. 

Ubindi Pro

Ubindi Pro is the plan that offers 0% platform fees. It makes sense financially if you process over $4,400 in monthly payments.
This plan is $99/month, or $828 for a year (which amounts to $69/month, a 30% discount).


What's a platform fee?
It's a fee that's taken by the platform (Ubindi), when you take payments on the site. That's how Ubindi makes money. The Ubindi fee is 5% if you're on the free plan, and 2% if you're on the Essential plan (and 0%, so no fee, on the Pro plan). The platform fee only happens when you get paid, so if you don't make money, neither do we! 

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes. There's no contract, no minimum. Cancel anytime and we'll refund you your balance for the month (or year) immediately.

Are the Ubindi platform fees on top of Stripe charges? 
Yes, sorry. Ubindi has to make a little money too... but there are easy ways to minimize credit card fees.

Can I just try a paid plan, and switch back to ‘free’ later?
Yes, of course. Your students & all your data are always saved, and you can switch back and forth between the Pro, Essential and Free plans whenever and as often as you like.

What if I don’t want to enable online payments?
No problem, Ubindi works just fine even when you’re paid in cash or offline in some other way. If you don't enable payments, your students can't buy your subscriptions and passes (you can still assign passes to students manually). Also, since Ubindi only counts online revenue, your offline revenue won’t appear in your stats & insights.

What happens to my student list when I downgrade?
Your students are all still there, safe and secure. However, on the free plan, you only have access to your first 50 students for emailing or taking attendance.

When times are hard...

If your business is really struggling and you just can't afford to pay 5% platform fees or the monthly $10 for an upgrade, please reach out to us. We can definitely consider giving you a complimentary upgrade to the Essential plan, in return for your support in some other way. Share thoughts and feedback with us? Leave nice review on a review website? Or help spread the word about Ubindi among your teacher network? We're on a mission to empower all instructors, no matter what stage in their career.

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