Using Tags to group students

Tags and organizing students

Tags let you organize students into groups and subgroups

On your student list, your students are neatly arranged by first name. But what if you want to see just your "beginners"? Or people who come on Thursdays? Or "seniors"? This is where tags come in handy.

You can easily create tags (any kind, and as many as you want) and assign these to individual students. For example, you might tag your students according to level (beginners, advanced), classes they attend (Mondays, meditation), or really anything else. 

Tagging students allows you to see groups of students easily. Perhaps most importantly, tags let you send targeted emails to sub-groups of students in your list. 

Creating, editing or deleting tags

Again on your student page, find the section labelled 'Filter by tags' and click 'new tag' to make a new tag.

Then type the name of your tag and click the green tick to save it. You've created your first tag! 


To edit (rename) or delete a tag, click 'Manage tags', on the 'Filter by tags' element:  

Click the little pencil next to any of your tags and then you can change it (or delete it with the red button), as show below:


The small number you see next to each tag tells you how many of your students have that particular tag:

Tagging individual students

On your student list, select the elipsis  (three little dots) next to a student's name and select 'tags' in the pull down menu.

Select the tags you want to assign to this student (or add a new tag), and click done. To untag/change the tag for a student, it's all done in this same place. You'll also see a way to set tags for people on their Student detail page.

Filtering student views using tags

You can filter your students list by selecting tags. Click the desired tags in the "Filter by tags" element, or use the icon shown below:

The tags you've selected will appear at the top of your student list, and the students you'll see are only those who have all the tags you've selected (not either/or). Your stats (most loyal students, no shows, etc) are also filtered by the tags you have selected. To remove a tag from your filtering criterion simply click the small 'x' next to the tags name.

Emailing groups of students using tags

When you have a view that is filtered using tags, simply click 'Email' to send an email to just to these students that have the tag(s) you selected. Or, you can click 'email' and add the tags you want to filter things by on the email interface directly:  

Your email interface looks like this with the tags selected. You can add or remove tags on the fly... and you'll see the total number of students who will receive your message changing at the bottom of the email form.  

In short: tags are a teachers best friend!

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