What your students see and experience

What your students see and experience

Before bringing your students into your Ubindi, you'll probably want to know what the experience is going to be like for them. Well, that's easy: rather than creating a separate 'test account' as a student, simply go to your public schedule page where you can see and experience everything your students do.

On your public page, you can not only see what your schedule looks like — you can actually follow yourself or sign up for one of your own classes. Doing either will add you as a student to your own students list.

As a student of yourself, you can do all of the following:
  1. 'follow' yourself to become a student of yourself
  2. tag your student-self 
  3. send your student-self an email 
  4. accept your own waiver as your student
  5. register for one of your classes (you can even pay for it, if you want)
  6. edit your own student record, add notes about yourself, etc.
Before playing around as a student, it's best to have created a couple of classes, perhaps have set up a class pass, and have enabled payments. That way, you can get the "full student experience".

Ubindi gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to setting up class payments. So you might create a couple of different 'scenarios' to check out the registration process as your own student (for example, you could create a donation-based class, a "payment optional" class, and maybe set up a class pass that you connect to a class). 

If you've become your own student, you can always remove yourself from your student list, of course (use the little ellipsis next to your name on your list of students).

Once you're happy with things, you can then invite students to register for your classes on your schedule page — or you can import a student list directly onto Ubindi, too. If you're worried about anything else, maybe have a quick look at Ubindi's privacy and data policy for students (here's the short version: "you're in control"). But if you still have questions or any concerns about what your students experience on Ubindi, please get in touch

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