Editing / Deleting / Cancelling classes

Editing, cancelling and deleting classes

To change something about classes you have on your schedule, go to your schedule dashboard and simply click or tap the 3 little dots at the top right of any of your classes:

When you make changes to a class, it's up to you to let your students know — they don't get automatic notifications from Ubindi. You can easily email all the students who registered for class. Also, if you delete or cancel a class where students already registered, remember that you're in charge of refunds for those students who paid in advance. 

Changing payments Set-up or Editing a class

If you choose "Edit" or "Set up", you'll have the option to change just that particular instance of the class (i.e. for that day only), or all future instances of the class (i.e. the entire series).

Select 'only this day' if you want to change the class something about the class only for that particular day.  Select 'all future days' if you want to change the class for this day, and for all such classes going forward.

When you edit a class you don't lose your class registrations. 

Editing a class for 'only this day'

If you select 'only this day', this is the first screen you'll see: you can change the title, date, and time of the class.

On the next screens, you'll be able to change all the other class details (location, spots, pricing type, cost, description, and payment set up). Keep going through the set up form, and when you're done you just need to 'save' for your changes to stick. 

Editing a class for 'all future days'

If you select the 'all future days' option, you can change everything about the class except the date of the class, and how often it happens (if you want to change actual dates, you'll need to delete the class series and create a new class).

Cancelling (and 'un-cancelling') class

When you cancel a class, the class will still be visible on your public profile, but it will appear as "cancelled" and people will not be able to register for the class. People who had registered for the class will have their registration cancelled. You can only cancel one instance of a class (the particular one you are viewing). 

If you wish to cancel several classes in a row (for example, if you are taking some time off), you can set a holiday instead.

Setting a holiday will cancel all of your classes between two specific dates. Classes will still be visible on your public schedule, but will appear as "Cancelled",

You can also 'un-cancel' a class by clicking on the class, and then instead of 'cancel' you'll see the option to 'un-cancel'. (Again, you probably should let students know). However, previous registrations have been erased so you will not see who had signed up for the class before you cancelled it. 

Deleting classes

Deleting one or more classes is different from merely cancelling a class — deleting a class will completely erase it, so that the class (or all the classes in the series) will no longer appear on your public schedule.

When you delete class(es), any existing registrations for the class(es) will be lost — be aware that you might have to refund people who paid to signup, or refund them credits on their passes manually. It's best to check registrations before deleting.

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