Emailing students who registered for a class

Emailing students who registered for a class

You can email students registered for a specific class before class starts or after the class is already over. This is useful if you need to cancel class, or if you want to send some materials to all the people who registered for class (like a class recording or special announcement). 

If the class is in the future

For a class that has yet to happen, click the little blue ticket icon at the bottom right of the class (looking at classes on your schedule dashboard): 

This will open the class reservations list. You'll see a blue tick next to any student who's already registered. You can also add students to the registrations list by ticking them.

At the top of the reservation list you'll see an 'email' button. Click that to email all the students who've registered for you class, i.e. the ones with a blue tick next to their name:

Next, you'll see a screen that lets you compose your email (subject line and message). Once you're done, simply click send! Next to the send button, you'll get a confirmation of how many students your message will go to. (If you're curious, here's more about how emailing students works).

Don’t send out your Zoom links in separate emails to students!
Here’s why: 
1) Security: Ubindi never exposes your actual zoom link when students register. Instead, they get an email with a “magic button” that checks a few things before taking them straight into class.
2) Attendance tracking: when students click the “magic button” to join class, Ubindi takes attendance automatically. But if they come in using a link you shared yourself, they’ll be recorded as ‘no-shows’.
3) Avoid confusion: if you mistakenly send a different link than the one you’ve set on Ubindi, your students won’t be able to get into class!
4) Keep it simple: when your clients sign up for class on Ubindi, they get a confirmation email, and a reminder 15 minutes before class. Why send them an extra email, and make more work for yourself?

If the class is in the past

For a class in the past, click the little green list icon at the bottom right of the class (remember, to see past classes on your schedule dashboard, just scroll up and the past classes will appear):

If your past class is an online class, you'll see a green tick next to the student who joined your online class through Ubindi (they're marked present automatically). 

You'll see a green shaded box, if the student registered in advance, but either didn't join the online class through Ubindi, or didn't show up for the class.

You can add any student to the attendance list simply by ticking them. The attendance list also has the email button at the top. 

When you email students from the attendance list, you won't be emailing only people who attended but also people who had registered for class and didn't show up. So basically, all the students with a green tick (attended) AND the ones with a green shaded box (registered but not attended) will get an email

Otherwise, clicking the email button at the top of the attendance list is straightforward. Write the subject line, compose your message, and send. But again, please be aware that this goes to all students who registered for class:


Engaging your students via email is always a good idea! Here are some extra tips to keep your students motivated to show up to class. 

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