Instructions for students: registering as a student

Instructions for students: registering as a student

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Signing up on Ubindi as a student

Your teacher will have shared with you a link to their schedule on Ubindi, where you can register for classes.  The first time you go to your teacher's page, you’ll have to signup as their student. To do that,  either click ‘Follow’ next to your teacher's picture, or click ‘register’ on a class you want to attend. 

You'll see a small pop up like so. If it's your first time on Ubindi, please click 'Newbie? Sign up.'

You’ll then see a small form to create your account:


Next, verify your email address by entering the confirmation code that you will receive in an email. 

If you've received an email from your teacher from Ubindi prior to signing up, we recommend signing up with the same email address that your email emailed you at. You can always change the email address later.

Registering for classes

To register for a class, simply click ‘register’ on the class you wish to attend, and click 'confirm' (you may have to pay if your teacher requires it). Your teacher will then see that you're planning to come, and the number of available spots in the class is decreased.
  1. If you have a class pass, reserving a class will deduct one credit from your pass (even before you attend).
  2. You can "un-register" for class yourself, and you'll get a credit back if you had a pass.

Your data & privacy 

When you register as a student on your teacher's Ubindi page, your data is secure. Your teacher is the only person who has access to your email address, and none of the data you enter on Ubindi is ever shared with any third party, not even anonymously.

Ubindi takes privacy and data protection extremely seriously.  For example, Ubindi doesn't use any Facebook or Google products in any part of the website, because we don't want to give these corporations access your information. You can read our full  Privacy and Terms  here and feel free to ask us anything! 

The only email you'll receive from Ubindi is the one asking you to confirm your email address, or perhaps receipts and booking confirmations. You're not going to end up on some mailing list of any kind.

If your teacher sends an email through Ubindi,  you can easily unsubscribe from your teacher's emails at any time. 

Next, you may want to learn about how to join an online class.

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