How to offer a free class to new students

How to offer a free class to new students

You can use your student referral program the same way your students can... so there's a little trick for you to offer a free trial class to new students. This is an easy way for you to promote your classes to new potential clients on social media (or anywhere else) and grow your biz!

Here's how: 
  1. Activate your student referral program (with a switch on your Settings page)
  2. Go to your public page, and click "follow" (so follow yourself)
  3. On your public page, find the element that says "Give and get a free class". 
  4. Click "Get invite link" and copy your special link. Then share it where you like!
When a new student (i.e.: someone who is not yet on your student list) signs up with you on Ubindi, they will have a credit to take a free class with you.

You will get a notification that you referred yourself a new student... just ignore that.

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