Can I use Ubindi for my studio or school?

Can I use Ubindi for my studio or school?

The short answer is: maybe 😬

Ubindi is designed for independent teachers, but there are a number of studios and institutions using it (and liking it very much)! 

The main mission for Ubindi is to be as intuitive and simple as possible, for non-techie people to manage their teaching business without having to be a rocket scientist. However, this means that for a large studio operation where you need to assign multiple teachers to multiple rooms, do payroll, automate marketing and text messages, ...Ubindi will probably be too simple for you and not be the right choice. 

If the following limitations are acceptable, you might consider Ubindi for your school:
  1. There is only one admin per account. If you manage a studio with several teachers that should be able to modify the schedule and email students, you can simply share your login in credentials with your different staff members.
  2. You can't assign different teachers to different classes. You can however create classes with names like “Vinyasa with Jenny” or “Ashtanga with Johnny”, etc. 
  3. All the payments will be connected to one Stripe account where all your money will flow and go to your bank account. From there, you'll have to pay each of your teachers from your own bank. 
  4. The reporting on Ubindi is very basic (you see simple insights into revenue, attendance, etc.). You can of course download complete accounting statements from your Stripe dashboard (and Stripe can even help you with taxes).
  5. Ubindi doesn't have automated email templates for you to create and program. Of course you can use other software like Mailchimp for fancy newsletters... but on Ubindi, emailing students is done in plain text, similar to how a personal email program works.
The best way to determine if Ubindi can handle your particular requirements is to explore the software and see for yourself!

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