Private lessons and 1:1 appointments

Private lessons and 1:1 appointments

In addition to group classes, many teachers also make themselves available for private or semi-private lessons. There's an easy way to do this on Ubindi.

How to create "private" classes

1st, decide on a few time slots during the week where you want to offer private appointments. Just a few will do, at various days and times so students have a decent range of options to pick from. 

Then, simply create a regular class on Ubindi — like you would normally do — but instead of letting it accommodate lots of people, limit the number of spots to 1. For privates, we strongly recommend you take payments in advance and make these required, since this will greatly reduce no-shows or last minute cancellations. 

You can also make passes for privates, for example you could offer "3 private classes" at a great rate and set up your "private classes" to honor this pass.

So, for your students, here's what your schedule might look like with a private class added in:

For some tips and advice on how to price your classes and offerings, read here 😀 

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