How to create a video library to sell your wellness classes

Video library / Recorded classes

On your schedule dashboard, you can create live classes (in-person or online), but you can also add videos to create a library of recorded classes that your students can access. You can take payment for your videos, and you can connect passes or subscriptions to these, much in the same way you do for live classes.

How it works

Ubindi doesn't host your videos, so there's no "upload" (and no storage limit). Rather, you can host your videos wherever you like (e.g. on Youtube, Vimeo, Zoom — for the nicest experience for your students, we recommend Vimeo).

To add a video to your Ubindi offerings, you simply need a link and a bit of information about your video. Ubindi will then handle the "admin" side of things: payments, giving students access, and tracking who has access to a particular video.

Payments for people to access your videos works exactly the same as for live classes (you can price them as free, fixed price, by donation), and your videos can also be tied to a class pass or subscription that you have set up in your packages.

A few more things to know:
  1. Once a student has access to (paid for) a video, they can watch it as many times as they want. 
  2. To browse, buy and watch your videos, your students can simply visit your Ubindi page and click the "Videos" tab. If you have the Ubindi schedule widget on your own website, they can also access your videos there. 
  3. If your video is hosted on Vimeo or Youtube, students can watch it directly on Ubindi in a popup player. If your video is hosted somewhere else, students are redirected to the link you provide when setting up your video on Ubindi.

What it looks like 


Can videos have an expiration date?
Currently, no — but we're working on that. If you want a particular video to no longer be available, you need to delete it from your library.

Can people share the link to my video?
Usually, no. Your videos will usually play in a player directly on Ubindi, so the link is not visible, especially if you use Vimeo. But if you host your videos in places other than YouTube or Vimeo, students could copy the url once they get access. You should probably not worry about this unless or until you see you have a problem with your videos being shared around. 

Should I make my videos 'private' on youtube or vimeo?
It's totally up to you — you can set your videos as 'unlisted' on YouTube and/or Vimeo so the only way people can find them is on your Ubindi page. Alternatively, you could try to attract new students by letting your videos be discovered on YouTube (where people can watch them for free), but make them be "pay to watch" on Ubindi.

Can a particular video be tied to a particular class (so the students can register for the class and get automatic access to the replay)?
Sorry, no. If you connect a pass to both a live class and its recording, a student with that pass who registers for the live class and also accesses the video will get two credits taken from their pass. Of course, you can adjust the credits for individual students anytime if you need to.

Can I link a video to a youtube playlist?
No, it won't work properly in the player... 

Will my students be asked to accept my waiver before they can access a video? 
Yes, it works the same as for classes. The first time any student registers for a class or gets access to one of your video they have to accept your waiver first.

Can I link my videos to my passes and memberships?
Yes. You can link your videos to any of your existing passes and memberships. For passes, 1 credit = 1 class/1 video

Can I create a pass or membership just for videos?
You can indeed. You'll just have to make sure to connect your videos to that pass/membership. 
You can have a packages only for classes, or only for videos, or memberships that offer unlimited access to all your classes and videos! Whichever works for you and your students.

Can I see which students have watched my videos? 
Yes. When you look at your video library on your dashboard, you'll see a little ticket icon at the bottom right of each video. When you click on that icon, you can see the students who have accessed your video (they'll have a blue check mark next to their name).

Can I give a student access to a video without charging them? 
Yes. When you look at your video library on your dashboard, you'll see a little ticket icon at the bottom right of each video. When you click on that icon, you see a list of your students. Tick any student's name, and they'll get complimentary have access to your video. 

I'm not sure how much to charge for my videos?
Here are some tips on how to price your videos, as well your classes, and other services. 

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