How to set up hybrid classes

How to set up hybrid classes

What's a hybrid class?

Simply put, a hybrid class is a session that can be attended either in person or online. So you will be streaming the class from a venue with participants in a room, while other students will be following the session online. 

How to set up a hybrid class on your schedule

On your schedule, you should create 2 different classes that happen at the same time: one at a physical venue, and one at your online locationYour students who register for the online session will get their confirmation email and reminder email with a button to join the online class in the the usual way. 

Once you've set up your classes it would look something like this, you can add 'online' and 'in-person' to each class title for easy differentiation

If you want, you can price each class differently, set maximum class sizes independently (especially if you need that for the in-person class), and you can even connect each session to different passes or memberships. You'll also see 2 different registration and attendance lists for each of these two classes (so that way you know who was there in person, or who joined online). 

If before or after class you need to email the people who signed up for one or the other session you can also do that easily! 

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