Creating a class

Creating a class

Before creating your 1st class, you should do the following:
  1. Connect to Stripe so you can set up your class with all the correct payment options. 
  2. Create your packages (class passes and/or subscriptions) so you'll be able to connect them to your class. 

On your Schedule dashboard, you've got three tabs: 'Classes', 'Videos' and 'Packs' (i.e. passes & memberships). Go to 'Classes', and click the big green "+" button to add a new class:

1) Initial set up screen

Provide a class title, pick a date, and also set a start and end time. You can then configure how often this class should repeat on your schedule: never, daily, weekly, or on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays). You can also set a date for the repeat occurrence to end (or it can run forever).  Then, click 'next'.

2) Second screen

Here, you'll need to pick one of your existing venues or create a brand new venue for your class. This can be a physical venue, or an online location (like a Zoom room or any other virtual place). Any venues you create will then be available to reuse for future classes, so you don't need to create new locations over and over again. 

To create a physical venue, you'll need to enter a name, street address, plus the city and country. For an online location, just the city and country will do (but you should choose the nearest very large city to where you are so people won't be confused about time zones!).

Before creating an online location for Zoom, please read this help article: Using Zoom with Ubindi. It will save you lots of time and prevent any confusion for your students! 

After fixing your venue, you'll need to set the maximum class size (i.e. how many people can register for this class before). Then choose a pricing option: it can be fixed price, by donation, or 'no payment' (i.e. free or you're not taking payment for this class). Next set the cost of your class. (Here are some ideas on how to price your classes)
If you like, you can add a short description for your class.

 OK, now click "Next".

3) Final 'Setup' screen

Now you can configure which of your packages should be connected to this class.

a) If you haven't connected to Stripe, you won't see many options here. You'll only be able to connect your class to your student referral program, if that is active.

b) If you are connected to Stripe, you can also connect your class to a pass or membership — and make that pass or membership required to register. All up to you!

Set things just the way you want, click "Save". Done!

Your class is now created and will be visible on your public page. You can now invite people to your schedule and start getting registrations & track attendance, etc.

If you need to change anything, you can easily edit your class.

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